O1 -Training course for developing basic mathematical skills "M-Easy"
Needs analysis for upgrading learner's basic mathematical skills
e-Directory of existing mobile apps (games)
Learner's Support Corner
Assessment tool for pre-assessment and post-assessment of maths skills
Set of problem-oriented Mobile Apps for mathematical skills
Learners' Guide
Training course in the virtual environment (Learners part)
Leaflet for learners

O2-Toolkit for adult educators: “Developing competences needed for effective running of M-Easy training course”
Open and innovative digital era Mobile apps methodology for better outreach of the low-skilled
Lessons plan for training course "M-Easy"
Guide on how to work with mobile apps on developing mathematical skill
Assessment and monitoring tools to facilitate validation process of obtained within “M-Easy” training course competences
Effective learner-oriented educational approaches for low skilled refugees, asylum seekers, migrants
Toolkit in virtual environment (Adult educators' part)

O3-Educational workshop for Local Communities "Succeses of the integration of low-skilled adults through education"
Collection of 10 digital Case Studies related to inclusion and integration of low-skilled adults (including migrants) via education
e-Guide for workshop
Virtual environment for O3 (Adult educators' part)

Multiplier events
Summary of the National Workshops for Adult Educators for Multiplying of IO1, IO2 and IO3
Final Project's European Conference in Lithuania

Leaflet of the Project