O1 -Training course for developing basic mathematical skills "M-Easy"
Needs analysis for upgrading learner's basic mathematical skills
e-Directory of existing mobile apps (games)
Learner's Support Corner
Assessment tool for pre-assessment and post-assessment of maths skills
Set of problem-oriented Mobile Apps for mathematical skills
Learners' Guide
Training course in the virtual environment (Learners part)
Leaflet for learners

O2-Toolkit for adult educators: “Developing competences needed for effective running of M-Easy training course”
Open and innovative digital era Mobile apps methodology for better outreach of the low-skilled
Lessons plan for training course "M-Easy"
Guide on how to work with mobile apps on developing mathematical skill
Assessment and monitoring tools to facilitate validation process of obtained within “M-Easy” training course competences
Effective learner-oriented educational approaches for low skilled refugees, asylum seekers, migrants
Toolkit in virtual environment (Adult educators' part)

O3-Educational workshop for Local Communities "Succeses of the integration of low-skilled adults through education"
Collection of 10 digital Case Studies related to inclusion and integration of low-skilled adults (including migrants) via education
e-Guide for workshop
Virtual environment for O3 (Adult educators' part)

Multiplier events
National workshop for Multiplying of O1 and O2 for adult educators
Final European Conference – Agenda

Leaflet of the Project