Set of Problem-Oriented Mobile Apps for Mathematical Skills Development

Download the set of 21 problem-oriented apps for basic mathematical skills onto your mobile device from Google Play store:

The main aim of this Set of the Problem-Oriented Mobile Apps is to provide learners with an opportunity to deepen their mathematical competence by improving basic mathematical skills and knowledge.

The Set covers 27 mathematical skills and is based on the real-life situations. This approach allows developing the learners’ ability to apply obtained knowledge immediately in their daily activities for work or personal life.

The Set “M-Easy” consists of the 21 Problem-Oriented situations for Android and provides two main possibilities to arrange learners’ self-training process:

  • If you know the mathematical skills you want to improve, the system can suggest you the relevant Mobile Apps to perform. To proceed with this learning pathway, please select the skills from the table, click here.
  • If you want to use a specific Mobile App, please select it from the list, click here.
Issued in May, 2019