Assessment of Your Maths skills

Introduction Page

Welcome to the assessment tool section. Here, you can get an idea of your knowledge related to 27 mathematical skills. After you take the assessment questions, you will get your score (which is not recorded by our system, it is only for your references). You can understand the areas you need to improve your math skills, and pay particular attention during the training. After the training, we encourage you to take the same assessment tool again and compare your results with your initial score, in order to self-evaluate your improvement.

There are 2 questions associated with each skill. There is no time limit, so take your time in solving the questions. You can solve them by using pen and paper and then mark the correct response on your computer. Please keep a copy of your score (in print, screenshot or PDF), so that you can compare your results when you retake the assessment.

It is estimated that it will take you approximately 50-60 minutes to go through all the questions and complete this Assessment.

Total Questions Full Score Passing Rate Passing Score
54 54 80% 43