Collection of the Case Studies

No Name, country Quotes Download
1. Adama from Gambia, currently living in Cyprus "My wish is to continue with my studies, persist with my work and actions here so that I can be in a position to give back to the community and Cyprus" Download
2. Ahmed Nour from Somalia, currently living in Cyprus "I have always believed in the importance of education which I consider as key for personal success." Download
3. Alla from Russia, currently living in Lithuania "It doesn’t matter what is your job, but your dignity matters. Do the job that you like." Download
4. Anastasia from Ukraine, currently living in Lithuania "If you want to do something – do it now. World is constantly changing and tomorrow it won’t be the same." Download
5. Elsa from Honduras, currently living in Poland "You have to be active if you want to integrate!" Download
6. Lina from Lithuania "Openness and sincerity are the first steps towards friendship." Download
7. Mario from Italy, currently living in Lithuania "There are plenty of opportunities around, the most important." Download
8. Tetiana from Ukraine, currently living in Poland "Studies have helped me find my place in a new country." Download
9. Alhagie from Gambia, currently living in Italy "The key to integration is social and cultural participation." Download
10. Diassigui from Senegal, currently living in Italy "Winning is an attitude. The leader’s attitude determines the pace of the group." Download